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Anyone in the art market who was not already paying attention to the social media platform Instagram had to sit up and take notice in late April after the actor Pierce Brosnan visited the showroom of Phillips auction house in London. Mr. B

本文摘要:Anyone in the art market who was not already paying attention to the social media platform Instagram had to sit up and take notice in late April after the actor Pierce Brosnan visited the showroom of Phillips auction house in London. Mr. B


Anyone in the art market who was not already paying attention to the social media platform Instagram had to sit up and take notice in late April after the actor Pierce Brosnan visited the showroom of Phillips auction house in London. Mr. Brosnan snapped a selfie in front of a work he admired: the “Lockheed Lounge” a space-age aluminum chaise longue by the industrial designer Marc Newson. Then he added the words “let the bidding commence,” and posted it to the 164,000 followers of his Instagram feed.在艺术市场上,如果还有人未曾留意过Instagram,那么四月的事得让他们对这个社交媒体平台刮目相看了——演员皮尔斯·布鲁斯南(Pierce Brosnan)去了菲利普斯(Phillips)拍卖行在伦敦的展示厅,在自己讨厌的作品“洛克希德椅”(Lockheed Lounge)前面拍电影了一张自拍电影——这是工业设计师马可·纽森(Marc Newson)设计的一款太空时代感的铝制躺椅。之后他把这张照片贴在了自己享有16.4万名注目者的Instagram账户上,还加了一句,“拍卖会慢开始吧。”And commence it did. Later that week, Phillips broke the world auction record for a design object, selling “Lockheed Lounge” for 2.4 million, or about $3.7 million.拍卖会显然再次发生了。

当周晚些时候,“洛克希德椅”在菲利普斯拍得了240万英镑,合370万美元,刷新了设计五品拍卖会的世界纪录。“It’s hard to make a direct correlation between Pierce Instagramming us and the world record, but certainly it made the lounger more desirable,” Megan Newcome, director of digital strategy for Phillips and based in New York, said in a telephone interview. “It was a very exciting sale; we had phone bidders, people bidding online, and there was a lot of excitement around that piece in the auction room. Thanks, Pierce, for the shout out.”“很难说创世界纪录和皮尔斯在Instgram上发了我们的照片这两件事之间有什么必要关系,但他的照片认同让这张躺椅更加令人垂涎了,”梅根·纽康姆(Megan Newcom) 现居纽约,是菲利普斯的数字战略主管,她通过电话拒绝接受了专访。“那场拍卖会令人兴奋;有很多电话拍卖会者和网络拍卖会者参与,拍电影那件张长椅时十分性刺激。

多谢了,皮尔斯,谢谢你替我们大声宣传。”It was not the first time the art market had been influenced by images on Instagram. In the past few years, it has emerged as the social media platform of choice for many contemporary artists, galleries, auction houses and art collectors, who use it to promote art that they are selling and to offer a behind-the-scenes look in art studios, auction houses and art fairs. How much that actually translates into sales like the “Lockheed Lounge,” however, is still up for debate.艺术市场不受Instragram影响早已不是第一次了。过去几年来,Instagram出了许多当代艺术家、画廊、拍卖公司和艺术品收藏者们注目的社交媒体平台,他们用于它来推展自己想售卖的东西,获取物品在工作室、拍卖会室和艺术节上的幕后状态。

至于这种推展在多大程度上能像这次的“洛克希德椅”一样转化成为销售,目前依然不存在争议。Instagram, which started in 2010, is an online mobile app that allows users to share square, Polaroid-style images and 15-second videos, with a network of more than 300 million users worldwide. Users build up their own social networks of followers, and can follow other users, or just “like” images by users they do not follow. Most important for the art world, users are introduced to artists they might like through a “discover” function. Elizabeth Bourgeois, a company spokeswoman, said that globally, users share about 70 million photos each day via the app.Instagram自2010年创办,是一款在线移动应用于,可供使用者共享正方形的宝丽来式图片或15秒钟的视频,目前全世界使用者多达三亿。用户可以在上面创建自己的社交网络注目群体,也可以注目他人,对于没注目的用户,只点“讨厌”也可以。对于艺术界而言,最重要的是它的“找到”功能,可以向用户讲解新的艺术家。

公司发言人伊丽莎白·布尔乔亚(Elizabeth Bourgeois)说道,来自全世界的用户每天要通过这款应用于共享7000万张照片。Simon de Pury, an international auctioneer who has 131,000 followers on his Instagram feed, @simondepury, said in a telephone interview: “So many people are either artists, collectors or gallery owners or photographers who are using it very actively, so it allows you to preview exhibitions happening everywhere in the world, and to see the works the minute the exhibitions open, rather than waiting to read about it in a review. That’s what makes it exciting.”西蒙·德·弗(Simon de Pury)是一位国际拍卖商,他的Instagram账户@simondepury有13.1万个注目者,他在电话专访中说道:“很多艺术家、收藏家、画廊老板和摄影师在大力用于这款应用于,所以你可以通过它观赏世界各地的展出,展出刚一开始就能看见作品,而不是等着看总结评论。

所以它才那么让人激动。”The world’s biggest auction houses, Christie’s and Sotheby’s, also use their official Instagram feeds (with 96,700 and 120,000 followers, respectively) to post preview images of select items from coming sales.全世界仅次于的两家拍卖行佳士得和苏富比也享有自己的官方Instagram账号(分别有9.67万名和12万名注目者)张贴的是将要举办的拍卖会上精选辑拍品的照片。Celebrity collectors and artists are in on the action, too. The pop star couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé Instagrammed their way through Art Basel in Miami Beach a few years ago, posting selfies in front of art they bought or were thinking of buying. Instagram adopters like the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei (with 127,000 followers), the American artist and toy designer Gary Baseman (84,700) and the French “photograffeur” JR (627,000) all keep fans up to date with regularly shared images of new work.名人收藏家和艺术家们也不会参与拍卖会。比如几年前,风行歌星夫妇Jay-Z和碧昂斯(Beyoncé)就曾多次在Instragram上直播他们参与迈阿密海滩巴塞尔艺术节的情形,是他们在早已卖给或想卖给的东西前面拍电影的自拍。

还有中国艺术家艾未并未(12.7万名注目者)、美国艺术家与玩具设计师加里·贝斯曼(Gary Baseman,8.47万名注目者)和法国“照片涂鸦者”JR(6.27万名注目者)都常常共享自己的新作,让粉丝能随时理解自己的动态。Posting or discovering art is one thing, but the central question circulating around the art world is how many actual art sales are generated by the app. Instagram has no functionality that could make it useful as a direct sales platform, and no plans to add one, Ms. Bourgeois said. But quite often, art aficionados are using the app to preview works of art before they buy.张贴出有自己的艺术创作或找到他人的艺术创作是一其实,但艺术界的核心问题是,这款应用于究竟需要促使多少确实的艺术品交易。


“When you see something on Instagram that’s hanging in a gallery somewhere and you want to acquire it, you can instantly call up the gallery,” Mr. de Pury said, adding that he had made many purchases this way. “I’m sure that a number of transactions are taking place as a result of works being shown on Instagram. I’m sure it’s quite common by now.”“你在Instagram上看见什么东西悬挂在画廊之类的地方,然后又想要卖,就可以必要给画廊打电话,”德·弗说道,他补足说道,自己早已通过这个方式售出了不少艺术品。“我坚信,自从许多艺术品被放到Instagram上展出,有很多交易再次发生了。


我坚信这种现象如今十分广泛。”Just how common it is, however, and who is using the platform in this way is matter of much art world fascination. That is perhaps why, this year, art news websites like artnet.com and hyperallergic.com were abuzz when it was reported that the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, an avid art collector, had bought a painting called “Nachlass” for $15,000 by Jean-Pierre Roy, an emerging artist, over the phone, after supposedly seeing it on Instagram.这种现象究竟有多广泛呢,而且是什么人用于这个平台出售艺术品呢?艺术界回应十分著迷。今年,热衷珍藏艺术品的演员莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥(Leonardo DiCarprio)通过电话交易,以15000美元的价格卖给了新的晋艺术家让-皮埃尔·罗伊(Jean-Pierre Roy)的作品《并未公开发表的遗作》(Nachlass),很有可能是因为他在Instagram上看见了这幅作品。

无怪乎artnet.com和hyperallergic.com等艺术网站回应大惊小怪了一阵。Mr. Roy’s dealer, Morten Poulsen in Copenhagen, confirmed that the artist “had posted a detail image of the painting on Instagram.” After that, Mr. Roy received a message from Mr. DiCaprio, “asking us to keep the painting on hold until he saw high-res quality images of the work,” Mr. Poulsen said by email. “I sent him that, the deal was finalized and the painting went into Mr. DiCaprio’s collection.”罗伊的经纪人莫腾·普尔森(Morten Poulsen)在哥本哈根证实这位艺术家“把这幅作品的细节图贴在了Instagram上”。

之后,罗伊接到迪卡普里奥的信息,“他让我们别买那幅画,让他再行想到这幅作品的高分辨率图片,”普尔森在电子邮件中写到。“我给他发来了,交易已完成,那幅所画出了迪卡普里奥的藏品。”Lisa Schiff, an art adviser in New York for Mr. DiCaprio, said he had denied that the sale was based on an Instagram sighting, but she confirmed that Mr. DiCaprio did buy Mr. Roy’s painting through her office just before the Pulse Contemporary Art Fair in March in New York, where it was to go on sale the next day.丽莎·希夫(Lisa Schiff)现居纽约,是迪卡普里奥的艺术顾问,她说道他坚称交易是因为看了Instagram上的照片后才再次发生的,但她证实,迪卡普里奥在3月份那幅所画在纽约帕尔斯当代艺术节(Pulse Contemporary Art Fair)月展览前一天,就通过她的办公室出售了罗伊的画。

Whether or not the Instagram connection was accurate, the report, originally published on the Creators Project, a Vice.com blog, was republished on many top art news websites and blogs as an example of Instagram’s growing market influence. A small survey by Artsy.net, an online platform that both promotes and sells art, bears this influence out, with caveats. In April, the company surveyed 35 known collectors who each had more than 100 pieces of art in their collections and reported that just over half of them had purchased artworks from artists they had discovered on Instagram .这篇报导最初由“Creators Project”网站(它是Vice.com旗下的一个博客)公布,不管双方的联系否知道通过Instagram创建一起,这篇文章被许多顶级艺术网站和博客刊登,作为Instagram日益对市场产生影响的证据。Artsy.net 是一个既可以推展艺术品,也可以销售艺术品的在线平台,它做的一项小型调查证明了网络平台的影响,但也明确提出了警告。

4月,这家公司调查了35位最少享有100件艺术藏品的著名收藏家,找到他们当中仅有大约一半的人曾多次出售过从Instagram上找到的艺术家作品。Christine Kuan, chief curator and director of strategic partnerships at Artsy, qualifies those numbers, saying that the platform’s audience is “young collectors and emerging collectors,” who are tech savvy and active on social media.Artsy网站的主策展人和战略合作伙伴负责人克里斯汀·关口(Christine Kuan)核实了这些数据,她说道,Instagram平台的使用者们是“年长的收藏家和正在兴起的收藏家,”他们不懂技术,在社交媒体上十分活跃。“A lot of seasoned collectors in the art world don’t use it as much,” Ms. Kuan said in a telephone interview. “They already have their own contacts in the gallery world and they go to art fairs, and may not be using Instagram that way.”“很多艺术界资深藏家就不怎么会用它,”关口女士在拒绝接受电话专访时说。

“他们在画廊圈有自己的联系人,也去艺术节,所以有可能会这样用于Instagram。”Hearing the results, Ms. Schiff, whose clients also include leading contemporary art collectors like Candace Barasch and Anne Anka, agreed with Ms. Kuan’s qualifications. “No way, no how — seasoned collectors aren’t using it like that,” Ms. Schiff said. “Maybe people in the 20-30 age range, but not over 40.”希夫的客户中少有当代艺术的顶级收藏者,如坎达斯·巴拉什(Candace Barasch)和安妮·安卡(Anne Anka)等,听见这个调查结果,她表示同意关口女士的观点。“会的,资深藏家绝不会这么做到,”希夫说道。

“有可能二三十岁的人会这么腊,40岁以上的人就会了。”Most of her clients are over 40, she added, and in her experience, “online sales for art tend to have a price limit on them of about $20,000, maybe $50,000.”她补足说道,自己的客户大都年过40,根据她的经验,“网络艺术品销售的价格大都容许在两万美元以内,或许五万吧。”Anita Zabludowicz, an art collector and arts patron who with her husband, Chaim “Poju,” co-founded the Zabludowicz Collection, which consists about 5,000 works of art by more than 500 artists in London, New York and Finland, the couple’s native country, is an active Instagrammer, with a total of more than 65,000 followers for her three accounts.艺术品收藏家与艺术赞助者安妮塔·阿旺卢多维奇(Anita Zabludowicz)与丈夫柴姆·“普大约”(Chaim “Poju”)牵头创办了“阿旺卢多维奇珍藏”,其中还包括5000件左右的艺术品,分别由伦敦、纽约与芬兰(两人的故乡)的500多位艺术家创作。她是Instagram的活跃用户,享有三个账户,65000名注目者。

Ms. Zabludowicz said she had purchased work based on Instagrammed images, especially from the Brazilian installation artist Adriano Costa and the New York conceptual artist Brad Troemel, which she added to her trove of works by artists such as Damien Hirst, Richard Prince and Nam June Paik.阿旺卢多维奇女士说道,她曾多次从Instagrams上出售作品,尤其就是指巴西装置艺术家阿德里亚诺·科斯塔(Adriano Costa)和纽约概念艺术家布拉德·特奥伊美尔(Brad Troemel)手中。如今,他俩的作品和达米安·赫斯特(Damien Hirst)、理查德·普林斯(Damien Hirst)与白南淮等名家的作品一样,也出了她的宝藏。“Instagram for me is one of the most important social media channels as it is the quickest way to absorb visual information, however shallow,” Ms. Zabludowicz said by email.“对于我来说,Instagram是最重要的社交媒体渠道,也是吸取视觉信息最慢的途径,虽说类似于狼吞虎咽,” 阿旺卢多维奇在电子邮件中说道。

She added, however, that she rarely did any actual commerce directly on the app: “If I am working with a gallery, prices would normally be discussed by email or telephone, not via Instagram.”她还说道,她很少必要通过这个应用于讲做生意:“如果我和画廊合作,价格一般可以通过电子邮件或电话讲,而不是通过Instagram。”Ms. Newcome, the Phillips executive, agreed that at least for now, Instagram seemed to be used mostly as a promotional tool, rather than part of “a sales-driven strategy.”菲利普斯的执行官纽康姆表示同意,最少到现在为止,Instagram或许主要是一种推展工具,而不是“销售战略”的一部分。“If one of our specialists has a favorite work in an upcoming sale, they’ll certainly ask for us to ‘give it a little love on Instagram,”’ she said. It’s “a way to create some buzz around a piece. And you never know: you can literally post something on Instagram and a few minutes later have someone ask to buy it. These are the legends that have been developing around Instagram already.”“如果在将要来临的拍卖会上,我们的某位专家尤其注目某个作品,他们认同不会让我们‘在Instagram上对它多关照’,”她说道。





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